We merge human value with financial talent

We are the independent investment bank that always looks for the maximum satisfaction of its clients by producing the best possible economic and human outcomes in every transaction.

liceo capital


Experts in numbers, dedicated to people

We do not only measure our work by the financial result or by the number of deals we advise. We rather measure the quality of our work by our client´s satisfaction, the cordiality, the human relationships generated in every transaction. We do not only look at the numbers and at the data, because for us, quality means something far beyond the tangible aspects of our work.

We form a professional team of the highest quality, with formal education and professional experiences that guarantee the highest degree of financial sophistication and know-how, and the best possible results for our clients. Liceo Capital Advisors team, with past experience in investment funds, as well as business operators, provides a holistic, differentiated view around corporate transactions, deeply understanding investors´ idiosyncrasies and the day-to-day operations´ complexities. Our vast network of individual investors, family offices, and institutional investors allow us to find the best way forward for our clients.

We are one more, we are by your side. We devote ourselves to your satisfaction.


Total Commitment

We are 200% committed to our clients, to deeply understanding their businesses and their needs, because only so we can provide the highest-quality advice and achieve the best possible financial and human results in every transaction for our clients. This commitment is part of our DNA, of our way of understanding work and life, and forces us to always give our very best to every single client and project.

Professional Talent

We combine a highly-sophisticated financial knowledge and deep understanding of the market, with our experience, intuition, and hard work. This makes of our team a exceptional talent pool, a talent which is based on a relentless quest for excellence.

Human Integrity

Our vocation is to be loyal to our ideas and our clients. We are honest, straightforward and even-handed thinkers. We work with independence, placing our client´s interests in the center of everything we do, to obtain the best possible corporate transaction. Our focus on integrity makes us be the company we want to be from a human and social point of view, a company that always and only looks after its clients´interest.

Holistic Vision

We have been on the other side of the table. Our experience as past investors, having worked for global private equity funds, family offices, and less institutional investment companies, provides us with a unique and holistic perspective, and with greater empathy than most of our competitors. This strategic and holistic vision allows us to offer our clients the best possible scenario for their interests.

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